Apawlogies from Freyja

Hello and Apawlogies for my lack of updates,

It has been a strange few months adapting to life once again starting come back to normal.

I will try to condense down what's happened at Fisher HQ since I last put paw to keyboard.

The master has taken time both at home and at our field growing fruit and vegetables, the carrots and sweetcorn have been thoroughly taste tested.

We have done some new fencing at home… something new for those pesky pigeons to sit on and tease me. Talking of teasing, the hazel tree next door has once again been stripped of all the nuts by a pair of cheeky squirrels. They are also responsible for their acrobatic skills at winding themselves around the bird feeders trying to eat the seed balls.

The caravan has once again taken to the road, to Derbyshire in June and a couple of weeks ago to North Norfolk. Its great sitting there watching my owners set up camp…there always seems to be something new to learn on a caravan trip. Occasionally its word uttered that young terriers shouldn't hear !!

My master recently held a solo exhibition at the Patchings Art Centre, he's really missed the last two Festivals being postponed and is looking forward to the 2022 date.

The small members of the family have been to stay and because I am not used to little ones, a stay at my mistresses parents was sorted. It is home from home, ginger nut on arrival, bed set up with all my favourite toys and a lovely garden to relax in. There is also my own personal chair set aside and its perfect for watching the world go by the window.

The field has seen two lodgers staying for the past few months, a grey horse called Harvey and a black pony called Nellie. They have done a marvellous job of keeping the grass short.

Next month sees us on the road to another Big Sky Art holiday, based at the White House near Burnham Market.
It is in the most idyllic rolling countryside, you wake up to the sound of horses hooves as they leave the stables to graze. The human accommodation is superb and I hear the food is delicious, you have breakfast, light lunch and evening meals all included in the art holiday price.
There is also much discussion about the canapés before dinner, I have not had a chance to taste test…. wonder if I could start having canapés at home ?

I will sign off now, the sun has just come out and my bed is in a lovely, sunny spot in the conservatory…… zzzzzzzzzz

Take care,
Freyja x