Caravan life

Hello and welcome to the May dog blog,

It has been a lovely month so far and I was treated to a long Bank Holiday break in the caravan. Its great just like a big dog kennel on wheels, there is nothing better than sitting at the front window watching the world go by. We had beautiful weather and managed two big walks on the Friday and Saturday before the sun was too hot to walk in and it was more sensible to sit in the shade.
On Sunday morning we got up early and had a wander around Stamford, as my Master wanted to do some sketching and there was also an art exhibition that was nice to wander around.

The Bank Holiday Monday forecast was hot and sunny, so again an early start was needed, our destination was only in the next village to an Open Day at "Rocks by Rail" It is a railway museum, workshop, cafe and railway track dedicated to the ironstone trains that operated from the quarry on the site many years ago. It is well worth a day out and if you are reading this months blog Mr David Wright, it was fab !
We had a ride on the Rutlander steam train and sampled delicious bacon rolls and cake in the cafe.

My Master was busy over the holiday writing his latest article for the Leisure Painter magazine.. such dedication I must tell his Editor Ingrid, you can see him hard at work in the caravan awning on the photo below.

Talking of Editors the Master has been very busy recently with his Search Press Editor Beth, finalising the last parts of the forthcoming oil pastel book. You may have read in previous blogs how excited I am to see this book when its released in December.
The very latest exciting news is that the book is also going to be published as a Chinese edition… I wonder how you say Freyja in Chinese !!

Well; I must sign off now, its time for a snooze, as I had a very energetic walk this morning with my new neighbour Olive, a chocolate labrador puppy.

See you next month when all the news will be of the preparations for the Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival held from July 12 to 15, see the Patching page for more details.
Enjoy the photos below of our holiday.

Freyja x


An English Summer ??

Hello and welcome to my April Doggie Blog,

It has been a funny old month, the weather lurching from cold to boiling and then back again to cold and rainy. Today I overheard my Master asking where his woolly hat was, the Mistress had put it away in anticipation of the Summer arriving !
The family caravan has just had its annual servicing, so paws crossed we will be off on an adventure soon. I love positioning myself in a sunny spot by the front window watching the world go by once we are all pitched up. There are usually lots of dogs to check out and loads of exciting walks to explore the countryside.

The Oil Pastel book has now gone to "lock down" thats a book publishing term meaning the books going to final print, looking forward to December when its on general release. As I have mentioned a few times there is much excitement for me as I am the model in the painting an animal chapter.
When the book is out I will showcase my "Pawtrait" as it`s a secret until the book is printed.

The Fisher household has once again gone into homegrown vegetable mode, the conservatory is a temporary greenhouse and seedings are appearing everywhere. I really hope theres lots of carrots, my owners cannot believe I have the ability to distinguish a carrot being peeled and whoosh… I'm there waiting !
Our front garden is our vegetable plot, all nicely designed artistically in a Piet Mondrian style, as you would expect from having an artist/gardener owner.
The back garden is due for a revamp around the pond area, it will be nice to sit in a sunny spot and watch all the humans hard work taking place.

There was a slight mishap involving the pond a couple of days ago, theres a large bay tree at the back and a pair of wood pigeons have nested in there. Well, to cut a long story short…. I always like to race outside when they fly in… unfortunately I dashed outside, looking up and ran across the middle of the pond !!
I can assure you that Parson Jack Russell Terriers cannot walk on water, I made my way to my Mistress dripping wet and feeling stupid. The pigeons are still laughing at me every time I visit the garden.

The Master has just returned from tutoring a weekend sketching workshop at The Old House Studio, Torside, Derbyshire, he really enjoyed it and is looking forward to a two day acrylic workshop there on 22 & 23 September.
I kept my Mistress company at home over the weekend, she was very busy on the office computer doing the end of year accounts. Its good up in the office, there is a chair positioned nicely by the window, so I can either snooze or use it as a vantage point to keep a canine eye on the street.
The only problem is the local cats all know that I cannot get out and they parade past, tails in the air, much to my disgust.

The Master is now really busy out and about on the road tutoring workshops and doing art demonstrations, I keep checking the diary hoping for a village venue so I can go along for the ride.
Recently they have all been held in venues where doggies are not allowed.

Right that is all for now, its turned cool here at the computer, my fleece blanket is calling and heres hoping the log burner gets lit soon… well it is nearly May.
Here is a photo of me displaying the assortment of toys, some rather the worse for wear… a bit like the toys that Paddy the spaniel of "Max and Paddy out in the Lake District on Facebook" destroys. There is a recent photo of him with a very sad looking Telly Tubby !
The two dogs have over 67 thousand followers, maybe I should have my own Facebook page ?

Freyja x


Freyja`s Tails

I cannot believe how quickly the time comes around to write my latest blog, hope everyone has survived the rotten weather we have been sent lately. Spring finally seems to be appearing, there is frog spawn in our pond, the daffodils are out and the new lambs have appeared in the Masters field.

St Patricks Day was a double cause for celebration as it was my 2nd Birthday, I was treated to a delicious breakfast with my favourite food carrot sculpted into two candles for me.
The pictures below show me celebrating and some puppy pictures too with my sister.
It would be lovely to see my 3 brothers and sister again, wonder what we all look like now ?

It has been another busy month for my artist owner, he's been to a lot of art demonstrations and workshops lately and recently just back from a 2 day workshop at the Watershed Studio in Essex.
It's a favourite destination for him, as Allison provides wonderful lunches and makes you all very welcome. Luckily all the snow has disappeared before my Master had to travel down last week.

I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days with my Mistress at her parents house, it is great there, I get thoroughly spoilt and there is always a roaring open fire … Doggie Heaven !!

The new Oil Pastel book is taking shape, looking forward to helping with the marketing when its released, as I have probably mentioned in past posts theres an animal portrait section and I was the lucky canine model.
There is a good chance that the Mistress will design some new T-shirts to wear at the Patchings Festival in July to promote the book, wonder if there is one my size?
Unfortunately there may not be a guest appearance by Freyja at the Festival this year… I somewhat blotted my copybook by guarding the Masters stand instead of welcoming all the canine visitors… whoops. Heard the Mistress say at the time "Freyja won't be coming next year"

Well its time to end this latest blog, there is the sound of the log burner being lit, just time to say goodbye and see you next month.

Freyja x


Chinese Year of the Dog 2018

Hello and welcome to the latest doggy blog,

Well I am not sure where to start this month, it’s been hectic here in the Fisher household.

I chose today to update my blog as it is the celebration of Chinese New Year today and the Year of the DOG….. do we get presents like at Christmas? Or do I get treated extra special for a whole year?
But mustn't complain, as already this year there have been several breaks away and I was included on two of them.

The master has been sorting the last of his Editors queries for the new oil pastel book, shouldn’t be long now till it’s published.
The mistress will let you all know when its available to purchase and put all the details on the website. I think she's getting nearly as good as me with this website updating.

At the end of January we had a walking break in the Lake District, so my master could capture images and sketches of this amazing countryside.
It was my first time to this area of the UK and we did some really long walks and encountered a lot of different weather. Not too keen on hail though, caught me off guard, it’s no fun when the owners are wrapped up in coats and they forget mine !!
A compensation for all the Lake District walks is that all the local pubs are dog friendly and most have lovely log fires. I am particularly fond of an open fire.
We encountered lots of signs outside pubs and cafes saying " Muddy boots and dogs welcome" it was much appreciated by us all, well done Lake District.
There seems to be a doggy phenomenon called Max and Paddy, a pair of spaniels from the Lake District, they were even on The One Show a couple of weeks ago !! I have noticed that my mistress even follows them on Facebook !!

My next trip was a two night sleepover at the mistresses parents, it’s great there... ginger nut biscuits, a roaring open fire and loads of snuggles... doggy heaven.

On a last note I have been interested in the origin of my name, owners were inspired by watching all the series of The Vikings (not the one with Kirk Douglas) hence my name Freyja is Viking.
Pawing through the internet heres what I found out…. Really like the idea of driving a cart pulled by two cats..mmm.. wonder if next doors cats would oblige me?

"Freyja ("lady sovereign/supreme") is one of the major goddesses of Norse Mythology. She is second only to Frigg and the mightiest of the Vanir. Freyja is the goddess of love, war, death and seidr. Freyja is in many aspects the feminine counterpart of Odin.
Her brother is Freyr.
She is the primal völva and the one that taught Odin the art of seidr, and is also the leader of the Valkyries. Half of the dead taken by the valkyries belong to her and she receives the dead noble women and shield maidens.
She has many ways of travelling. Sometimes she rides a cart driven by her two cats or rides her great boar. She also takes the shape of a falcon, a shape she may lend to any one. Freyja is the most beautiful of the goddesses and desired by both gods, giants and dwarfs.
Lagertha invokes her when she tries to cleanse Ragnar's wound and when training her shield maidens. When Porunn disappears, Aslaug tells her to turn to Freyja for guidance."

Time to sign off now, dinner awaits, will it be Chinese inspired tonight? Heres a photo to end this blog of my time in the Lake District and some smashing open fires.

Freyja x


Freyja`s Tails

Hello and welcome to the first Freyjas Tails of 2018.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, the Fisher household hosted quite a few family members over the holiday and I spent Boxing Day with my canine Sprocker pal Poppy. We had a good run across the fields in the morning which blew the cobwebs away, however there is no way I will ever be able to keep up with Poppy !!

January 4th saw the owners pack up rucksacks and suitcases and alerted me to the fact there may be an adventure looming, I was correct, the mistress had planned a Birthday surprise for the master and I was lucky enough to be included.
A short journey in the car saw us arrive a very cosy cottage in the village of Biggin by Hartington,Derbyshire.
It is a lovely cottage owned by John and Vanessa and we stayed there a year ago, I am particularly fond of the log burner in the lounge and spent a happy week asleep in front of it.
If any of you lovely readers want a preview of the cottage just visit Postcard Cottages, there is also a smashing converted barn in Brassington that Poppy stayed in with her owners.

The Masters birthday was a milestone event and the children, partners and grandchildren all surprised him on the Friday and stayed for two nights. I was pleased as Poppy came too.
The morning of the birthday saw a mound of bacon butties and then the grand present opening, the Master was presented with a glider flight and I am very much hoping I will be included too !!
Just need to order my Biggles goggles and then I am ready for take off…

The visitors all went home and we spent the last three days walking the glorious Derbyshire countryside.
The picture below shows me enjoying the Pioneer log burner.

The world of Tim Fisher Artist has been busy over the past month, the last part of the new book has been sent to the publishers, Leisure Painter articles written and lots of long walks capturing view of the countryside.
I am looking forward to seeing the new Oil Pastel book when its published later on this year as I appear in the dog Pawtrait section.

See you soon,
Freyja xx