Garden makeover

Hello and Welcome to a soggy September Dog Blog,

I am just recovering from getting soaked walking with my neighbour Olive ( Choc Labrador ) it`s a bit of a shock to the system getting used to more inclement weather and being bundled up for a bath after coming home. After a lovely snooze under my rather large fleece blanket, which I have learnt to roll and twist into a nice warm parcel, now feel ready to show willing and write this months offering.
It's been really busy in the Fisher household, the owners have taken a break from the world of art and turned into garden landscapers and I must say have made a really nice job.
The pond area was badly in need of a revamp, two attempts at wooden decking proving unsuccessful as its a shady area and just gets wet and rotten.

The humans spent some time deliberating and decided to remove the old pond ( there since 1994 ) replace it and design a new patio area. Readers may remember from my previous posts that due to the pesky pigeons I have ended up falling in a few times ! Well, they have departed now and in their place is a very cheeky squirrel that keeps coming to steal the neighbours hazel nuts. He just nips along our adjoining fence, totally ignoring me and then disappearing with his feast.

Back to the garden, it's been a very hot summer and I did feel sorry for all the hard work digging, moving rubble, brick building and movement of tonnes of sand, ballast and the new patio. It was a real struggle lying in the shade watching it all happen.
There are a selection of photos showing how the work progressed and its nice now to potter outside to a very tidy garden Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of !

Art started again at the beginning of September with a trip to Ledbury for an art demonstration, the Master is busy today tutoring a workshop, so I thought it would show willing by writing my blog.

The advance copy of the new Oil Pastel book has arrived from Search Press and it looks AMAZING…. so proud of my Master. If you would like to be one of the first 50 to receive a signed copy of the book and a FREE Oil Pastel DVD email and we can reserve a copy. Just thinking I need to sign a pawprint in the book too, as I feature in the portrait section of the publication.. need to work on that.

See you next month,
Freyja xx


Feeling sorry for myself ...

Hello and welcome to my July blog,

July has been another record breaking month weather wise, my owners have very wisely been getting up early to take me for a walk before the sunshine gets too hot.
The Patchings Festival went very well mid July, I sensibly stayed with my owners parents and spent a happy few days being spoilt with the occasional ginger nut !

The school holidays are also now upon us and the grandson has been staying, so I have a super playmate to have adventures and cuddles with and paddles in the river.

My Master took a few days off following the Patchings Festival, he has mended his log splitter and made a beautiful new wooden pastel box.
I am most pleased about the log splitter, as already thinking ahead to the winter months and lying by the log burner toasting my paws.

Readers may be wondering as you read my blog as to this months title…well let me begin.
Firstly, I must congratulate myself for writing this blog today after the consequences of the last 24 hours.

It began yesterday afternoon, when my owners noticed that my face was starting to swell, it felt a bit weird so I snuggled on the sofa for a nap.
At bedtime my face was really swollen and parts of my body too, my Mistress called our super vet on call number and Giles answered. He suggested it may be a reaction to a bite and to use an ice pack during the night and call back if any worse.
I have the most amazing Mistress, she stayed up all night with me holding an ice pack of frozen peas to my swollen face and making sure there was plenty to drink.
Morning arrived and I was dispatched to Melton Vets, Charlotte examined me and after two injections i went back home, pleased to say it`s starting to respond.

Heres a photo of what I should look like and one from last night…not a pretty sight and certainly not like my beautiful portrait from the Masters forthcoming Oil Pastel Book. What a trouper I am.. feel rubbish today and can still find the motivation to promote my owner/artist/author !!

Well I am signing off till next time, Charlotte said the injections could make me sleepy (thats my excuse, as there is a warm spot available on the conservatory sofa)

Freyja x


Long Hot June

Hello and welcome to the July Doggie blog,

Well its been a scorcher hasn't it ? certainly not the weather for dogs, or my owners for that matter. Last weekends hot weather saw them deciding to re landscape the pond area of the garden, the Master digging trenches, mixing concrete and disc cutting brick walls !!
The new pond has arrived, hopefully I wont fall into that one once it is installed. The pigeon saga is still ongoing, they seem to delight landing close by and then taking off just as I manage to get near. The mistress has been recalling her childhood days watching Dastardley & Muttley and the theme song "Stop the pigeon"

The Patchings Festival preparations have stepped up this week, the Master spending a whole day "refreshing " his pastels, sounds like hard work to me. It seems like it will be a fantastic 25th Anniversary Festival this year, lots to see and do for all the family and dog friendly too.
The Mistress has designed the promotional T-shirts they will be wearing to Patchings and I feature on the back…fame at last. At least I will be at there in some form, as due to my behaviour last year I'm not allowed to visit this year.

The new Oil Pastel book has changed its release date and now will be available from the end of October, I have to say again how excited I am to be featured in the new book.
As they say Terriers are quick to learn, so I though that you lovely readers would like to learn some printing terms…
Editor ~ a person who assists the author with producing the book and layout, in my Masters case for the Oil Pastel book it was Beth, at times a little confusing as the Masters daughter is also Beth !
Proof Reading ~ time the Master spent reading through the book layout checking spelling, colours and queries from Beth
Blads ~ a promotional leaflet with the book front cover, price, publication date and snippets from the book, I am featured on the third page of the blad..more fame.
ISBN ~ International Standard Book Number, a unique number for a book, for your information the Masters new book is 9781782215509

For a bit of fun for this months blog, I pondered as a new supermodel of the canine world for featuring in the Masters new book, what doggie supermodel names could I dream of ?
This is the list that came to and apologies to the real life models x If you think of anymore please email in, it would be fun to compare names.

Cindy Crawford as Cindy Pawford
Naomi Campbell as Naomi Campbone
Yasmin le Bon as Yasmin le Bonio
Claudia Schiffer as Claudia Sniffer
Christy Turlington as Christy Bedlington Terrier
Tyra Banks as Tyra Barks

Here are some photos from last month, sorry about the demise of the duck toy, it only lasted 10 minutes !

See you next time,
Freyja xx


Caravan life

Hello and welcome to the May dog blog,

It has been a lovely month so far and I was treated to a long Bank Holiday break in the caravan. Its great just like a big dog kennel on wheels, there is nothing better than sitting at the front window watching the world go by. We had beautiful weather and managed two big walks on the Friday and Saturday before the sun was too hot to walk in and it was more sensible to sit in the shade.
On Sunday morning we got up early and had a wander around Stamford, as my Master wanted to do some sketching and there was also an art exhibition that was nice to wander around.

The Bank Holiday Monday forecast was hot and sunny, so again an early start was needed, our destination was only in the next village to an Open Day at "Rocks by Rail" It is a railway museum, workshop, cafe and railway track dedicated to the ironstone trains that operated from the quarry on the site many years ago. It is well worth a day out and if you are reading this months blog Mr David Wright, it was fab !
We had a ride on the Rutlander steam train and sampled delicious bacon rolls and cake in the cafe.

My Master was busy over the holiday writing his latest article for the Leisure Painter magazine.. such dedication I must tell his Editor Ingrid, you can see him hard at work in the caravan awning on the photo below.

Talking of Editors the Master has been very busy recently with his Search Press Editor Beth, finalising the last parts of the forthcoming oil pastel book. You may have read in previous blogs how excited I am to see this book when its released in December.
The very latest exciting news is that the book is also going to be published as a Chinese edition… I wonder how you say Freyja in Chinese !!

Well; I must sign off now, its time for a snooze, as I had a very energetic walk this morning with my new neighbour Olive, a chocolate labrador puppy.

See you next month when all the news will be of the preparations for the Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival held from July 12 to 15, see the Patching page for more details.
Enjoy the photos below of our holiday.

Freyja x


An English Summer ??

Hello and welcome to my April Doggie Blog,

It has been a funny old month, the weather lurching from cold to boiling and then back again to cold and rainy. Today I overheard my Master asking where his woolly hat was, the Mistress had put it away in anticipation of the Summer arriving !
The family caravan has just had its annual servicing, so paws crossed we will be off on an adventure soon. I love positioning myself in a sunny spot by the front window watching the world go by once we are all pitched up. There are usually lots of dogs to check out and loads of exciting walks to explore the countryside.

The Oil Pastel book has now gone to "lock down" thats a book publishing term meaning the books going to final print, looking forward to December when its on general release. As I have mentioned a few times there is much excitement for me as I am the model in the painting an animal chapter.
When the book is out I will showcase my "Pawtrait" as it`s a secret until the book is printed.

The Fisher household has once again gone into homegrown vegetable mode, the conservatory is a temporary greenhouse and seedings are appearing everywhere. I really hope theres lots of carrots, my owners cannot believe I have the ability to distinguish a carrot being peeled and whoosh… I'm there waiting !
Our front garden is our vegetable plot, all nicely designed artistically in a Piet Mondrian style, as you would expect from having an artist/gardener owner.
The back garden is due for a revamp around the pond area, it will be nice to sit in a sunny spot and watch all the humans hard work taking place.

There was a slight mishap involving the pond a couple of days ago, theres a large bay tree at the back and a pair of wood pigeons have nested in there. Well, to cut a long story short…. I always like to race outside when they fly in… unfortunately I dashed outside, looking up and ran across the middle of the pond !!
I can assure you that Parson Jack Russell Terriers cannot walk on water, I made my way to my Mistress dripping wet and feeling stupid. The pigeons are still laughing at me every time I visit the garden.

The Master has just returned from tutoring a weekend sketching workshop at The Old House Studio, Torside, Derbyshire, he really enjoyed it and is looking forward to a two day acrylic workshop there on 22 & 23 September.
I kept my Mistress company at home over the weekend, she was very busy on the office computer doing the end of year accounts. Its good up in the office, there is a chair positioned nicely by the window, so I can either snooze or use it as a vantage point to keep a canine eye on the street.
The only problem is the local cats all know that I cannot get out and they parade past, tails in the air, much to my disgust.

The Master is now really busy out and about on the road tutoring workshops and doing art demonstrations, I keep checking the diary hoping for a village venue so I can go along for the ride.
Recently they have all been held in venues where doggies are not allowed.

Right that is all for now, its turned cool here at the computer, my fleece blanket is calling and heres hoping the log burner gets lit soon… well it is nearly May.
Here is a photo of me displaying the assortment of toys, some rather the worse for wear… a bit like the toys that Paddy the spaniel of "Max and Paddy out in the Lake District on Facebook" destroys. There is a recent photo of him with a very sad looking Telly Tubby !
The two dogs have over 67 thousand followers, maybe I should have my own Facebook page ?

Freyja x