Doggy Blog 2023

Hello and welcome to 2023, albeit a little late !

The owners have been extremely busy since the start of the New Year and that's my excuse as I need help switching on my I-Paw Pad to create my musings.

We had a break on Pembrokeshire for the Masters birthday, a beautiful lodge situated high up on the cliffs looking across Fishguard Bay. You could view the weather and the the ferries crossing to Ireland. The weather was mostly dry, but very windy and quite muddy underfoot. There were some stunning walks and then a lovely warm lodge to return to and settle down for the evening.

The humans decided to be a bit bonkers on the last day, which was at the time cold and quite breezy. They changed into swimming costumes, went outside and sat in this big tub of hot water with bubbles. It was most confusing as I sat in the warm watching them, even funnier when they decided to get out and back inside at great speed !!
I think we dogs are much more sensible, but I heard them saying it was an experience.

The latest book for Search Press is now complete and has gone to be printed and is for sale Summer 2023.

It is once again hedge laying time at our field and my owners have just completed a 63 foot section, reducing it from an overgrown tangle to a beautifully laid hedge. Here are the before and after photos.

Hedge beforeHedge after

There is also talk of once again hitching up the caravan for some more exploring. I do enjoy caravan life when we are all pitched up, I can assume position on the sofa watching the world go by and hopefully snoozing in a sunny spot.
We always go exploring and find nice walks and the chance for my Master to sketch and take photos for future paintings.

At home the squirrels and pigeons are still keeping me entertained, they love to make me bark at them through the window.
Talking of animals reminded me of the recent Chinese New Year which is the year of the Rabbit, so I decided to investigate.
I am a Monkey, my Master a Dog and my Mistress a Rabbit !!
Strange isn't it, a dog being a monkey ?

The things that go through a Parsons Jack Russell mind……

Anyway the fire has just been lit so I am off downstairs to snuggle up.

See you soon,