Garden makeover

Hello and Welcome to a soggy September Dog Blog,

I am just recovering from getting soaked walking with my neighbour Olive ( Choc Labrador ) it`s a bit of a shock to the system getting used to more inclement weather and being bundled up for a bath after coming home. After a lovely snooze under my rather large fleece blanket, which I have learnt to roll and twist into a nice warm parcel, now feel ready to show willing and write this months offering.
It's been really busy in the Fisher household, the owners have taken a break from the world of art and turned into garden landscapers and I must say have made a really nice job.
The pond area was badly in need of a revamp, two attempts at wooden decking proving unsuccessful as its a shady area and just gets wet and rotten.

The humans spent some time deliberating and decided to remove the old pond ( there since 1994 ) replace it and design a new patio area. Readers may remember from my previous posts that due to the pesky pigeons I have ended up falling in a few times ! Well, they have departed now and in their place is a very cheeky squirrel that keeps coming to steal the neighbours hazel nuts. He just nips along our adjoining fence, totally ignoring me and then disappearing with his feast.

Back to the garden, it's been a very hot summer and I did feel sorry for all the hard work digging, moving rubble, brick building and movement of tonnes of sand, ballast and the new patio. It was a real struggle lying in the shade watching it all happen.
There are a selection of photos showing how the work progressed and its nice now to potter outside to a very tidy garden Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of !

Art started again at the beginning of September with a trip to Ledbury for an art demonstration, the Master is busy today tutoring a workshop, so I thought it would show willing by writing my blog.

The advance copy of the new Oil Pastel book has arrived from Search Press and it looks AMAZING…. so proud of my Master. If you would like to be one of the first 50 to receive a signed copy of the book and a FREE Oil Pastel DVD email and we can reserve a copy. Just thinking I need to sign a pawprint in the book too, as I feature in the portrait section of the publication.. need to work on that.

See you next month,
Freyja xx