Keep the home fires burning ....

Hello and welcome to the June doggie blog,

Apologies for not blogging in May, its been really busy here at Fisher HQ and my assistant editor for my blog has been occupied with other jobs !

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely, both at the front garden potager, designed in the Piet Mondrian style (well it had to have an art theme) and the plot down our field.
Our conservatory became a large greenhouse for a few months, as the Master was waiting for the weather to warm up so all his plants, nurtured from seed could be planted out.
The heavy rain today should help the vegetables grow, especially looking forward to the sweetcorn crop in a few months time and lots of carrots have been sown too, so I am a lucky pup.

We have had a couple of incidents down the field where the mischievous lambs have managed to get through the fence twice and pulled up the rhubarb and trampled the carrot seedlings !!
They tend to get into little gangs and see how much mischief they can get up to, it sometimes involves trying to get through to the adjoining cricket field.

The pigeon saga continues, they now sit on the fence and have the cheek to do low passes across the lawn…just out of reach.
The Fishers have been very lucky this year in the garden, the new bird box built my Master last year has successfully had a brood of Great Tits. A pair of wrens are eyeing up another box on the fence and the house martins have once again returned to nest at the front and back of our house.

It is once again the build up and preparation for the annual Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival, I am hoping for excellent sales of the Masters Oil Pastel book, especially as I feature on the Patchings T-shirts and a whole chapter in the book.

Now to explain the title of this months blog, to regular readers you will know that I am a girl who really appreciates the home comforts and extra specially the LOG BURNER.
A few weeks ago, we spent a few days down the field doing some chainsaw work to some rotten branches of a huge willow, that grows on the bank of the river running through the field.
It was all going well until a huge piece rolled into the river, now that was not going to be taken off to float away.
Quickly a plan was formulated involving a tow rope and the car, it was pulled up the bank and our firewood safe and sound.

I will sign off now, it's raining cats and dogs again and my warm, snuggly extra large blanket is calling me for forty winks.
Below are a few photos of the garden and field, spot my extra cute begging pose for a biscuit !

See you next month,
Freyja x