An Online dogs life

Hello and welcome to my doggy, bloggy blog,

Apawlogies for it being so long since I last put paw to keyboard. Since my last post the software for this website has been unable to update any changes my mistress has made. It's been a very frustrating year for her, month after month, email after email to the host and software designer.
I really feel sorry for her and I have heard a few choice words being uttered and I am too much of a lady to repeat them here !!

Hopefully some computer magic will happen one day and you will be able to read once again of my expeditions as the artist dog.

During lockdown I have been kept busy by the ongoing pigeon saga, they are still swooping down to drink and tease me. There is also a cheeky squirrel that keeps walking along the fence pinching the hazel nuts from next doors tree and throwing the shells on our patio.
At our field just outside the village around 40 ewes and lambs have arrived to keep the grass cut, unfortunately this means I cannot be off my lead to explore.
So, all in all the animal world seems to be beating me at present.

However I was cheered up by an old newspaper article that headlined "And the Oscar for Hollywood`s top earning dog goes to …….Jack Russell
A barking study of blockbuster movies over the past 50 years revealed Jack Russells earned £700 million in box office success.

One of my favourites was The Secret Life of Pets, with an adorable terrier called Max. Not forgetting the black and white movie The Artist, featuring Uggie the Parson Jack Russell.

Maybe there's a role coming up for me soon, I heard the owners discussing the next project, filming 10 short videos for the Painters Online website. I am sure there's a part for me somewhere… holding a brush ? posing for a painting ? must be a role somewhere.

Anyway I will sign off now, paws crossed this update will go "Live" otherwise you may be reading this in the future and who knows what life will be like by then.

Love and wags,
Freyja x