Mirror, Mirror on the wall ....

Hello and welcome to the October Doggy Blog,

It has been busy once again at the Fishers household, very varied, with a family wedding and the Master looking very dapper as Father of the Groom.

On the garden front, Project Pond is now complete with the installation of a garden mirror.
Now, to a Parson Jack Russell (with a bit of Beagle) a mirror is a very strange concept. To me it seems that another canine intruder has appeared in the garden and constant searching fails to find it !!
The humans seem to find it quite amusing, but I don’t agree.

A few weeks ago the Master took to the skies in a glider, as his birthday treat from the children and partners.
I stayed at home, but was treated to lunch at our local pub The Bell Inn afterwards.
Listening to the conversation, it seems the Master was launched via a winch line into the skies for a couple of flights, rather him than me !!

The middle of September saw us taking our new caravan for its maiden voyage to a lovely site, not far from home with nice walks and a very doggy friendly pub. All seems well with the new caravan, the sofa is comfortable for viewing the passers by and the panoramic front window is a doggy delight. It also has some smashing blown air heating, as I have heard talk of a November trip, it will definitely be needed then.

Due to the hot summer the owners have had a very good crop of chillies and the Master has this year grown the especially hot variety Naga.
The task of converting them to this years supply of chilli jam fell upon the Mistress, bearing in mind she does not like hot spices, this was quite a challenge ! Armed with a pair of safety glasses, rubber gloves and all windows open, she made the firey concoction and it is all bottled up. Now Mr Tim Fisher has always maintained a love of hot spicy food and even this batch of chilli jam can only eaten by him in tiny amounts.
Terriers are allegedly renowned for being curious, so I decided to investigate the science of chilli heat.
1. Scoville scale measures the concentration of Capsaicin, noted as SHU`s
2. Sweet Bell Pepper 100 SHU`s
3. Jalapeno 8000 SHU`s
4. Naga 1382118
5. Police Grade Pepper Spray 5300000
Conclusion ~ if you are ever at our house and get offered cheese and biscuits…. BEWARE

Finally for this blog….
BIG drum roll… the new Oil Pastel books have arrived at the publishers and our orders will be here next week.
Don’t forget the first 50 copies we sell are numbered and signed, with a complimentary
If you would like copy please
get in touch, there is a very good chapter on painting a very good looking Parson Jack Russell (with a bit of Beagle) No prizes for guessing who that may be and I am still trying to figure out if I will be allowed to paw print the first 50 copies too.

All the best till next time, I am off to see if my “twin” mirror image is still lurking in the garden.

I leave you with a few images from the last few weeks.

Freyja x