Our adventures at The Fuselage

Hello and welcome to the November Freyjas Tails,

Waking up this morning to the first frost of the winter, brrr, good job my master has plenty of nice dry wood to keep me cosy in front of the log burner.

The Fisher household has been busy recently. Book number four for Search Press is being created in the studio. I pop in every so often to see that all is well, particularly if there’s a nice patch of sunshine to snooze in.
This time of year there is also the added bonus of the underfloor heating being nice and toasty. The master says he paints better with warm feet and that's one thing I am not going to argue over !!

Our house has a few nice “hot spots” that I patrol on a regular basis, just in case 40 (or more) winks are needed.
The humans also have a brilliant source of fleecy blankets, as you know “Terrier” means to burrow and I excel at this.

Due to the lockdowns, my owners had to twice cancel a Silver Wedding gift of a glamping trip to Gloucestershire.
Third time lucky in booking a date, we had this holiday a couple of weeks ago.

It was my mistresses birthday that weekend, so it was a double celebration and we had the most amazing time.

The Fuselage at Lypiatt Hill is situated 700 feet above sea level with views across Stroud to the Severn Estuary and beyond to the mountains of Wales…Stunning.

We arrived via a stop for a pub lunch at the
Butchers Arms at Sheepscome, which was delicious. Not quite sure my humans should have had a very steep walk straight after that meal though !!
Its a beautiful area of the country and the walk through the woods around Sheepscombe was lovely as we waited for the 4pm check in time.

Then we arrived at The Fuselage and unpacked our belongings for the three night stay.
It's an unusual design based on an aeroplane body, built of wood and aluminium and seems to float on the hillside.
There was an outdoor cooking area, kitchen and shower and toilet building.

Now you all are aware, I
love my comforts and can assure you that the heated floor and mini log burner were brilliant.
That coupled with an outside fire pit made my stay super cosy, especially when the fire pit cooked steak on Saturday night.

The walks in the area were nice, again, as around Sheepscome, they were very hilly in places… the owners looked a little bit red and glowing at times !

If you want a break away with fantastic views, stunning sunrises and sunsets, deer grazing, owls hooting as you sit outside and the feeling of escapism, then this is the place for you.
Thank you to Matt, Di and Archie for including me on the trip.

If any other holiday companies would like me to come and stay and write a review then please contact my agents.. Tim and Louise Fisher !

Well, I must take a break now from my I-Paw-Pad, its time for some breakfast and then check out one of those hot spots.

Love, Freyja.