Apawlogies from Freyja

Dear Readers, huge apawlogies for the long delay since my last blog,

I cannot believe that it is June since my last blog was written, tardis like, time has moved from high summer, to the beginnings of autumn here at Fisher HQ.

The easiest way to travel through time and update you, is to condense all the happenings that have occurred since June.

  • The pigeons (now a gang of three) continue to make fun of me in the garden, swooping down just close enough to avoid contact and then sitting on the fence in defiance.
  • A pair of squirrels have made dawn raids on next doors hazel tree, taking all the nuts and throwing the shells on to our pond patio.
  • My Master had a cunning plan with our hazel nut trees down the field this year, he picked them early and ripened them off in the conservatory ! Master 1 Squirrels 0
  • June saw us take a last minute caravan break to Longnor in Derbyshire. It was lovely doing some great walks in the countryside and chilling out in the caravan later.Wildlife seems intent on following me around, as each night around dusk the most enormous rabbits use to come on to one of the nearby caravan pitches for a grass supper. My owners thought this was hilarious and named it bunny TV, with me, nose glued to the window watching. This site also had a boule I had to learn not to chase the boules.
  • July was the annual Patchings Festival and I spent a very relaxing few days at my second home being thoroughly spoilt.
  • The end of July we once again hitched up the caravan and headed for Greetham, this was a lovely break away and I tried my very first doggy ice cream ….. delicious
  • August arrived and we hitched up again and took the caravan to North Piddle in Worcestershire. This was a lovely small campsite, pitch black at night, so you could see the stars.With the wildlife theme quite prevalent for this blog, I saw my first muntjac and quite a few squirrels.The purpose of this August visit was for my Master to take part in the Great Broadway Paint Off. As you can see from the photo below the weather was good and many artists set up easels around the village of Broadway.
  • The photos also show that the caravan break was an excellent chance to learn the art of backgammon !
  • I also got the chance to catch up for a walk with my Schnauzer friend Yoshi.
  • The vegetable garden has done well again this year, sadly the sweetcorn is now all finished, but on a happier note there are still loads of carrots. We have had a good crop of fruit and you can see that has been put to good use as jam
  • I think we have caught up and I promise not to leave it as long before the next instalment of Freyjas Tails is published.
  • See you soon, Freyja x