Freyja`s Tails

I cannot believe how quickly the time comes around to write my latest blog, hope everyone has survived the rotten weather we have been sent lately. Spring finally seems to be appearing, there is frog spawn in our pond, the daffodils are out and the new lambs have appeared in the Masters field.

St Patricks Day was a double cause for celebration as it was my 2nd Birthday, I was treated to a delicious breakfast with my favourite food carrot sculpted into two candles for me.
The pictures below show me celebrating and some puppy pictures too with my sister.
It would be lovely to see my 3 brothers and sister again, wonder what we all look like now ?

It has been another busy month for my artist owner, he's been to a lot of art demonstrations and workshops lately and recently just back from a 2 day workshop at the Watershed Studio in Essex.
It's a favourite destination for him, as Allison provides wonderful lunches and makes you all very welcome. Luckily all the snow has disappeared before my Master had to travel down last week.

I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days with my Mistress at her parents house, it is great there, I get thoroughly spoilt and there is always a roaring open fire … Doggie Heaven !!

The new Oil Pastel book is taking shape, looking forward to helping with the marketing when its released, as I have probably mentioned in past posts theres an animal portrait section and I was the lucky canine model.
There is a good chance that the Mistress will design some new T-shirts to wear at the Patchings Festival in July to promote the book, wonder if there is one my size?
Unfortunately there may not be a guest appearance by Freyja at the Festival this year… I somewhat blotted my copybook by guarding the Masters stand instead of welcoming all the canine visitors… whoops. Heard the Mistress say at the time "Freyja won't be coming next year"

Well its time to end this latest blog, there is the sound of the log burner being lit, just time to say goodbye and see you next month.

Freyja x