First Doggy Bloggy of 2022

Hello Readers and Hello 2022

Looking at the date today its unbelievable that its February, where did January go ??

It has been busy at Fisher HQ since I last put paw to keyboard, my owners have been super busy at our field completing another section of hedge. The hedge has been neglected for over 50 years and in places is about 20 to 30 feet high, for a small pup that's TALL.

My job is to sit patiently on my bed warmly wrapped up and view all that happens. Occasionally having to bark at any other canine companions that walk along the lane that runs by the field.
Its a skilled job and I have full admiration for my owners in rejuvenating the neglect. The previous years work on other parts of the boundary are now growing beautifully.
See the before and after photo below.

We have had problems with mice in the field the naughty creatures nibbled a hole in the poly tunnel and ate all the tops from the broad bean plants, my master was not happy and has had to replant new plants.

At the studio its still full steam ahead for the latest book for Search Press, I am still hopeful that there will be room in it for me. Still so very proud being the canine model for the animal portrait section of Beginners Guide to Oil Pastels, my claim to fame.

Early January saw us embarking on a trip to St Bees to celebrate my masters birthday and collect more reference material and sketches.
The journey normally takes about 4.5 hours, but due to an accident it took 8 hours
It was a nightmare with diversions and some selected words I have not come across before. Arriving at our destination it was bliss to crash out on the heated floor and recover from the journey.

The weather was relatively kind for January and we had some glorious walks on the beach, clifftops and inland, the Western Lake District is well worth a visit.
Lunch at the Pennington Hotel in Ravenglass was delicious and the Victoria at Drigg saw my human companions tuck into homemade lentil and bacon soup after a beach walk from Seascale.

The last day we walked inland from St Bees to Birkhams Quarry and followed the coastal path around St Bees Head to St Bees. It was a spectacular walk and you can see me on the photo below on the cliff looking back towards Whitehaven.
A detour to Fleswick Bay was also lovely, all the pebbles on the beach are washed shiny smooth. Tales of smugglers bringing contraband ashore and caves where the loot was hidden all add too the magic.

Well, I will sign off now, just been called for my afternoon walk and a check on those new broad bean plants !!

Best Wishes and Wags
Freyja x